‘Developing a Love of Learning through Play.’


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Mrs Graham

Nursery Newsletters:

08/01/2021 Nursery-Newsletter-January-21

Home Learning Grids:

11/01/2021 The Three Bears Home Learning Grid

18/01/2021 Jack and the Beanstalk Home Learning Grid

Jack and the Beanstalk Questions



25/01/2021 The Enormous Turnip Home Learning Grid

I’m a Little Turnip

01/02/2021 The Gingerbread Man Home Learning Grid.docx

Five Little Gingerbread Men

15/02/2021 The Little Red Hen Home Learning Grid


18/01/21 PE Remote Learning Activities Early Level 18 January 2021.docx

25/01/21 PE Remote Learning Activities – Early Level 25 January 2021

01/02/21 PE Remote Learning Challenge – Early Level 1st February 2021

15/02/21 PE Remote Learning Activities – Early Level 15 February 2021

22/02/21 PE Remote Learning Activities- Early Level 22 February 2021

Early Years Team Resources for Home Learning:

18/01/21 Blown away Final1

Giant in Town Final

25/01/21 Home Learning 25.01.21

Schema booklet 2021 FINAL pdf

01/01/21 Bear Hunt final

Parent Club:

The Parent Club website has lots of resources to support parents/carers during these challenging times. There are some updated resources you can access to support children’s learning and development at home:

Helping at Home:

Helping at Home

Outdoor Learning:


In my Garden

Health and Wellbeing

Words of Encouragement

Toilet Training Zoom Sessions Poster 11.02.20

Sleep Advice Sessions

Social Stories:

Staying Home – Nursery 

Play Scotland

Parents Home Learning Pack:

Play Scotland Home Play Pack for Parents

Supporting your Child’s Pencil Grip:

Supporting your Child’s Pencil Hold

Supporting Communication and Language Development:

Useful Websites

Top Tips and Information: