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P3 Weekly Words and Sentences – WB 30/03/20

P3 Weekly Words and Sentences WB 23/03/20

Red Words (order to teach) – sight words (cannot be sounded) for children to practice

Letter Formation – rhymes for how to correctly form letters.

RWI are doing a daily phonics lesson that Primary 3 will understand and be very familiar with. They are only available for 24 hours so try to access it each day if you can and Mrs B is going to link the follow up activities on Education City. Parents – on the YouTube channel there is also a short video for help on how to say the sounds if you need it. 🙂

Red and Purple groups – Check out Set 1 for revision and Set 2 for current level

Pink and Orange groups – Check out Set 2 for revision and Set 3 for current level

Yellow group – Check out Set 2 and 3 for revision – particularly towards the end of set 3 for current level.



Check out Joe Wicks every morning (YouTube) for a PE lesson or try out some of the workout activities below. Why not keep a log of all the exercise you do during school time?

Joe Wicks 5 Minute Workout Moves

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Just Dance



 Primary 3 love to sing along to Fischy music in assembly (very loudly – even if we don’t know the words) Every Week they are hosting an assembly. Check out week 2 here!


Check out Glasgow Science Centre every day at 10am for a live viewing:

Glasgow Science Centre

Check out Edinburgh Zoo to see what the animals are getting up to!

Edinburgh Zoo Live Cam


Go out for a daily walk and take a picture of something interesting you see. Try drawing a picture of it and use this as a daily diary of where you go and what you see.

Remember to keep checking @StAndrewsTweets and @MissCMrsB twitter for updates and tweet us to let us know what you’re up to!