Frequently Asked Questions

We are receiving a variety of questions re Home Learning, and have decided to make this handy FAQ page to help you. Please note that although teaching staff are happy to reply to tweets publicly, they are unable to reply to direct or private messages. Any private or direct messages sent to teaching staff will be automatically replied to with a link to this web page.


  1. Where can I find my child’s logins, i.e. for Education City and Sumdog?

All logins were pasted into the back of each child’s Home Learning jotter. Please check on the inside back cover for all logins.


  1. My child doesn’t know their GLOW username and password – what do I do?

A: All GLOW usernames and passwords have now been delivered to all children. If you do not have your child’s username and password please email the school email ASAP:


  1. I am becoming overwhelmed with the work that has been assigned for my child – what parts should I focus on?

A: Please do not panic! Home Learning is new for all of us and there are going to be some teething problems along the way. Only do what you can and don’t worry about finishing everything that is on the Home Learning Wall.


  1. My child is completing tasks on Education City, however every time we log out it doesn’t save the work they have completed. Is it normal for this to be happening?

A: No. All work completed on Education City should be saved and tracked. If this is happening it could be that your child is exiting the game/activity without fully completing it. When your child completes an activity please ensure they click the ‘finish’ button to ensure progress is saved. Miss Allum is the Education City coordinator at school. Feel free to tweet her publicly with any Education City queries you have at @MissAllum. Alternatively you can tweet Education City @EducationCity to let them know about any issues you are having.


    1. My child has completed all the work that has been set for them. What should they do now?

    A: If this happens, use the opportunity to learn about different Life Skills eg:  cooking, making the bed, house work etc. There are some Life Skills Home Learning Walls available on the website for more ideas. There is also an abundance of resources to keep your child busy while you wait on more work being set. Please see for helpful websites to keep your child learning.


  1. What is the daily expectation for work being completed?

A: There is no minimum or maximum expectation for work to be completed at home. You know your child best and it’s important that during this uncertain time they are calm and relaxed. Follow your child’s interests and engagement levels, and try to cover a range of curriculum areas across the week rather than attempting to fill every day. Ensure that as well as academic subjects there is time for children to be creative and active. Some teachers have posted a daily timetable on their Google Classroom which can support you in organising your day. Don’t panic if you don’t stick to these, they are to be used as a guide.


  1. Due to work commitments, I cannot guarantee that my child will engage in online learning everyday or that we will be able to complete all the set tasks in a week. Is this okay?

A: Of course. We understand that all families have a lot going on at the moment and that home learning is a big change for everyone. All we ask is that you try to engage as much as is possible for you and that your child completes some tasks each week.


  1. How do I access Google Classroom?

A: After you log into GLOW, go to ‘My Launch Pad’. If Google Classroom isn’t there already you can add it as a tile. Click ‘add’ and then ‘app from library’. Search for ‘Google Classroom’ and then click ‘add to my launch pad’. You will then be able to click on Google Classroom in your launch pad which will take you to Google Classroom.



  1. How do I join classes on Google classroom?

A: All teachers have set up different classrooms in their Google Classrooms and have sent invites to all children. When you log in to Google Classroom you should accept the invites to all classes that your child has been invited to so that they can access learning. Most children will have to join more than one classroom to access different parts of their learning.


  1. I am trying to join my child’s class but it is asking for a code, how do I get the code?

A: No class should require a code for your child to access their learning as all children have been invited to their classrooms. If there are no invitations when your child logs in to Google Classroom and the only option is to put a code in please email the school ASAP so that the invites can be resent.


  1. How quickly should I expect teachers to respond to/give feedback for my child’s learning?

A: Teaching staff are working extremely hard to ensure that all children are receiving the best learning experience that they possibly can at this time. Online learning is a new experience for everyone and teachers are learning alongside you. Because of this, feedback may take longer to be returned than usual. Teachers will aim to give feedback regularly; we appreciate your patience at this time.


  1. I cannot see the feedback my child has received from their teacher – how do I fix this?

A: Being able to view feedback can be dependent on the device you are using to view it. If you are on a tablet device it may be a good idea to download the ‘Google Classroom’ app, as this can help the format and allow you to see feedback with ease. As well as this, feedback can take a while to load – we ask that when checking for feedback you persevere, giving it a chance to load. After a few minutes the feedback should load and be available for you to see.