P2 world book day -The Gruffalo

During World book day we read Mrs Green’s favourite story The Gruffalo.

We then went on a ‘Gruffalo hunt’ were we had to find different items from the story, we played a game were we had to move like the different animals and we talked about their habitats. We then had to create a Gruffalo wood using the natural materials we found around the school grounds. We also made some Gruffalo masks.
By primary 2

P2 bread making

Primary 2 have been learning about Passover. As part of this they made some unleavened bread.

The children loved measuring the ingredients and kneading the dough.
There was as much flour on the carpet as in the loaves!

Therapeutic play turned Into Art!

As Easter is fast approaching the whole school are taking part in a whole school celebration, so in the Base we have begun our abstract representation of Peter’s Denial! When it’s finished it will be displayed in our hall along with the rest of the Stations of the Cross created by the other classes!

Conor making mess look good!

We discussed the story of Peter’s denial and we learned about the different emotions experienced. We reflected on our own lives and how we might feel or act when we experience these emotions.  We were able to recognise how people’s faces represent their emotions and we even practised some these ourselves!

Zack being super creative!

To create our artwork we combined our creativity with some of our therapeutic play techniques. We added paint to shaving foam, matching and mixing colours, then we developed our fine motor skills as we marbled the paint and foam using art straws. Next, we placed our card on top, patting it down gently and then used rulers to scrape it all off, et voila, marbled card! Our next steps will be focused on developing our fine motor skills further through cutting, and developing our teamwork skills as we piece together our work into a giant collage!

Abi deep in concentration!

P2 Space Topic

Primary 2 have been learning about space developing their math and technology skills.

The pupils have:

measured the distances of planets from the sun.

estimated and compared the size of planets using fruit.

They have designed and made their own rockets.

They have created space pictures using Microsoft paint.

Paired Reading

Primary 7 have paired up with a Primary 2 buddy and are enjoying opportunities to regularly read together.

P2 have been selecting their favourite books and P7 have been supporting them to read aloud with fluency and expression.




Both classes thoroughly enjoy their weekly opportunity to read together and have engaged fully in this cooperative experience.

This Week In P2

This week P2 have been working on maths and reading.They have been learning:

  • Number bonds & Number sequences
  • The Easter story
  • Biff, Chip & Kipper collection
  • Magic E

I spoke to P2 about clubs they participate in. They are very active, they take part in football,karate,gymnastics,swimming and Abbie goes horse riding and has her own horses.The P2’s are incredibly talented!

By Emma Sroka P6


Scottish Activities

This week the children at St Andrew’s Primary School have been preparing for their Burns Supper on Monday 25th January. Each class has been creating their own table centre piece and learning a range of Scottish poems, songs and dances. We will share more pictures after our Burns Supper but here is a sneak preview of some our Scottish Art Work and Centre Pieces.


IMG_0582 IMG_0581 IMG_0580 IMG_0579