School Closure Update 20/03/20


20th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers



Thank you for the many messages of support over the past few days as we have become increasingly aware that the schools are closing for an indefinite period of time after today.  We have been doing our best to reassure and calm the children, and have been busy setting up as much home learning opportunities as possible.


Over the next few weeks the school website will be our main communication point for you.  Please use the website as the main source of information for ideas for helping your children to learn and purposeful ways to keep them busy over the coming weeks.  We will update this as often as we can.  All letters home in relation to Covid – 19 have also been posted here.


All information about home learning is available on the school website:

  • All teachers have posted a Home Learning Grid in their classroom space on the school website
  • Any child who is absent today will have their Home Learning Pack and website passwords sent out to them by post.
  • GLOW passwords will be sent out to all children as soon as we receive them in school.
  • Fischy Music is a useful resource for singing and “circletime” well being activities and this is the link to access it at home – user name:

password:  (01875GOWKShill)  including brackets


Please also find attached information regarding the Denominational Review – it is really important that you share your views about this and there are links to surveys where you can do this online.  These papers will also be on our website.


For families who may be in need of food and Emergency support I have attached the list of contacts for you – this is also on the website.


Please also find attached communication from Midlothian Council.  In the meantime on behalf of all of the staff at St Andrew’s we wish you well – keep safe.


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Liz Laird                       Mrs Joanne Hunter

Headteacher                      Acting Depute Headteacher

Click on the link below to download a copy of this letter:

Letter to Parents -School Closures St Andrew’s