Poo did that?!!

Primary 5 had a visit from freelance artist Fiona to learn all about dog poo and the issues that arise from it. We went on a poo hunt around Gorebridge documenting the amount of dog poo left by owners. We also learned the consequences of not picking up after your dog. 

WW1 Projects

A huge Well Done to all pupils in P6 (and any helpers at home) for the fantastic effort that went into the personal projects. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about all aspects of the war from each other and the research that has been conducted at home.

Pupils presented their projects in a variety of ways including posters, booklets, leaflets and power point presentations. The projects have included fascinating detail and have been carefully thought out.

We have learned all about distant relatives who served in The Great War, how to protect our feet from Trench Foot, how women served in the WLA, that there are ‘male and ‘female’ tanks, how women got the vote after the war and many many more interesting and fascinating facts. We will keep you updated.

P2 bread making

Primary 2 have been learning about Passover. As part of this they made some unleavened bread.

The children loved measuring the ingredients and kneading the dough.
There was as much flour on the carpet as in the loaves!


As part of our WW1 topic we have been learning all about coding and methods of communication.

Morse code has been the most popular code attempted so far.  P6 have been sending secret Morse Code messages to P5 who are currently studying The Titanic.

Semaphore is visual communication system which uses flags as a way of conveying information over a distance. The information is encoded by the position of the flags.  Pupils each made their own flags and have been using them to form the alphabet and to make messages. This has been fun and challenging at the same time.

We are looking forward to learning more codes and learning more about the secret codes that were used and solved during WW1.



WW1 Project

P6 are engrossed in their WW1 topic.  The project was kicked off with a performance and workshop by Macastory, pupils thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  P6 have since been working extremely hard on developing their own script writing skills and have produced their own short plays based on the Christmas Day Truce.  We hope to be able to premier these performances soon.


Morse Code Messages

Primary 5  received a mysterious letter in a “Top Secret” envelope. This letter was from Mr W Star asking primary 5 for their help in a secret investigation into RMS Titanic. However, before they were allowed to embark on this investigation they had to learn all about Morse Code on board the Titanic and decode the  secret messages from Mr W Star.

Secret Letter

Morse Code

Secret Morse Code Messages

Primary 4 – The Egyptians

Primary 4 have spent the last term learning about the Egyptians. We have been learning all about how the Egyptians lived, different Egyptian Artifacts and Egyptian Pharaohs.

We particularly enjoyed learning about Mummification and how the Egyptians prepared the bodies before mummifying them. Some things were really interesting but a little disgusting, particularly how they would take the brain out!

We made our own mummies in class (although the process wasn’t as grueling!).

We used mod rock, Plasticine and paint to create fantastic replications of Egyptian Mummies!