Awesome acrobatics in P3!

P3 enjoyed a fun gymnastics session with visiting PE teacher Mr Wilson. They had to use their imagination and team-work skills to make up and perform interesting floor routines. Look out for some future Olympic God medalists!

Poo did that?!!

Primary 5 had a visit from freelance artist Fiona to learn all about dog poo and the issues that arise from it. We went on a poo hunt around Gorebridge documenting the amount of dog poo left by owners. We also learned the consequences of not picking up after your dog. 

Swimming in P4

Primary 4 have really enjoyed their block of swimming and are sad that it’s almost over.

Yesterday we worked on keeping our balance in the water using different floating aids to help us.

We are all really happy and proud to see how well each person in our class has progressed; most people are so confident now they are trying without arm bands!

Keep up the super work P4!

Ash Wednesday Mass

The whole school wants to say a big thank you to Father Allan and all the parishioners who came along on 1st March 2017 to celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass.

All children and staff are now fully prepared to go into Lent, preparing for the death and Resurrection of our Lord.

St. Andrew’s

P4 and P5 Rugby Festival

Primary 4 and 5 had a great time on 24th February at the Rugby tournament which took place at King’s Park, Dalkeith.

All children participated really well and it was a great day with lots of fun had by all!


P2 world book day -The Gruffalo

During World book day we read Mrs Green’s favourite story The Gruffalo.

We then went on a ‘Gruffalo hunt’ were we had to find different items from the story, we played a game were we had to move like the different animals and we talked about their habitats. We then had to create a Gruffalo wood using the natural materials we found around the school grounds. We also made some Gruffalo masks.
By primary 2

WW1 Projects

A huge Well Done to all pupils in P6 (and any helpers at home) for the fantastic effort that went into the personal projects. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about all aspects of the war from each other and the research that has been conducted at home.

Pupils presented their projects in a variety of ways including posters, booklets, leaflets and power point presentations. The projects have included fascinating detail and have been carefully thought out.

We have learned all about distant relatives who served in The Great War, how to protect our feet from Trench Foot, how women served in the WLA, that there are ‘male and ‘female’ tanks, how women got the vote after the war and many many more interesting and fascinating facts. We will keep you updated.

P2 bread making

Primary 2 have been learning about Passover. As part of this they made some unleavened bread.

The children loved measuring the ingredients and kneading the dough.
There was as much flour on the carpet as in the loaves!