Halloween Parties

Please don’t forget to make a date for the St Andrew’s Halloween Parties on Thursday 30 November. Younger pupils are invited from 6.15 to 7.15, while the older classes will be shaking their pumpkins from 7.30 – 8.30. Don’t miss it, and remember to make your costume as scary as possible!

Extension work nearing completion

As pupils and staff returned to school following the October break, they were delighted see the new building extension taking shape. The new Support Base has now opened for business, and new furniture and teaching resources have been fitted in P1, P2 and P3/4. Further work is still taking place for the new library and new classroom, and we are all having to be patient while this continues, however it is clear that the school community will benefit greatly when everything is fully completed!

Burke and Hare rehearsal

P3/4, P4/5, P5/6 and P6/7, have all been rehearsing a Burke and Hare show to perform for  primary 1 and 2, staff and parents. The performance will be on the 1st of july last day of term.

 It should be an exciting event for St.Andrews primary,  and all families and friends.

Thanks to Rob, Mathew and Moyra (from Charades)it will all be a brilliant show

Actors  p3/4          p5/6                                     p7                                                   Moyra                Mathew and Rob                          navvies       caddavers,towns folk       students,and guards                          Dr Knox           Burke and Hare

reported by Caitlyn (P4/5)

Commonwealth commotion at St Andrew’s

On Friday 23 May, pupils and staff at St Andrew’s were delighted to play host to Commonwealth Games medal winner, Kris Gilchrist. 

Champion swimmer, Kris, joined the Assembly, and spoke top the children about his experiences representing both Scotland and Great Britain in Commonwealth, Olympic and World Championship competitions across the world. Kris had been taught to swim by St Andrew’s teacher, Ms Valentine, and was happy to spend time telling the children about his journey to sporting success.

Pupils really enjoyed hearing tales from Krsi about his experiences in Melbourne in 2006, and the Olympics in Bejing in 2008. He gave a lot of good advice about training, self-discipline and achieving targets, and enthralled eveyone with his medal collection. It was a great way to inspire the school for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and perhaps lead to some Midlothian glory in the Commonwealth and Olympic games in the future!


It has been an amazing week for St.Andrews primary, they have been doing an amazing walk to school week and on Monday the 12th they decorated shoes to walk to school in there were some amazing shoes. They had to do a Scottish theme like thistles,Scottish flag, flowers and stuff like that. we should give a big thank you to Mrs Dickson for organising the walk to school week and all the prizes like gel pens,note pads,pencils and pens.

Reported by Caitlyn (P4/5)




Comfirmation celebration!

On 9th of May Katie, Kirsty, Erin, Mirrin, Fraser, Ione, Lewis, Sam, Doyvdas and Shannon all completed the Sacrament of Confirmation. We were all gifted with the Holy Spirit by Archbishop Leo Cushley.

After that we had a party in the church hall at  Rosewell. The kids went outside to play randomly, meanwhile the adults sat inside and had a chat.

by Erin p4/5

P.S. Staff at St Andrew’s RC PS would like to add their best wishes and thanks to all the children who underwent the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Holy Communion for all their hard work and spiritual development. The services were a joy to attend, and parents and parishioners  supported  preparations wonderfully, as well as  providing lovely refreshments for everyone.

Please click here to see some pictures of our P4s and their special days.

Club Golf!

On Wednesday 30th April at Newbattle High P5s from lots of different schools met together to compete and have fun playing club golf.The winning school is still unknown and the weather was bad so the event was cancelled half way through play. However, it was a fun day and was enjoyed by all. 

By Euan Guthrie (P4/5)


On the 14th of  March 2014  p4/5  happily came  back  from Rugby Festival proud to say they won! They played against   St.David’s primary, St.Luke’s primary and Woodburn primary. They had 6 weeks practice in our gym hall with a coach called Ryan .We talked to some children and they said it was amazing!

Pupil Survey

Head Teacher, Mrs Matthews, and the Pupil Council have been busy collating and analysing the data captured by our recent pupil survey. Questions ranged from learning experiences across the curriculum to what sorts of improvements could be made to after-school provision. Please follow this link if you would like to read the entire report.

Risk factory

Primary 7 had a visit to the Risk Factory in Edinburgh to learn about the risk and how to deal the them we also learned about how to be safe every where you go and what to do
So we hope who ever goes next year that you will enjoy
By Katie Leighton (P6/7)