This Week In P6

This week in P6 we have been:

  • Learning about Banking and Budgeting- learning about needs and wants for our class fund.
  • We met with creative team for Greatrex project and we were measured for costumes.
  • We made up fictional families and talked about them in French.
  • We went skiing with P7.


Fairtrade Breakfast

On Wednesday 9th March our Fairtrade group organised a Fairtrade Breakfast to raise money. The whole school, with help from the parents attending raise a lot of money for Fairtrade. Mrs Hunter organised the event and the Fairtrade team members led the Assembly. P4 had created their own Fairtrade song and it was very funny!

Each class participated in a competition to design a tea pot, mug or cup and we used these to decorate the assembly hall.

We will add photos very soon!


By Aimee, Ella & Romany

This Week In P2

This week P2 have been working on maths and reading.They have been learning:

  • Number bonds & Number sequences
  • The Easter story
  • Biff, Chip & Kipper collection
  • Magic E

I spoke to P2 about clubs they participate in. They are very active, they take part in football,karate,gymnastics,swimming and Abbie goes horse riding and has her own horses.The P2’s are incredibly talented!

By Emma Sroka P6


World Book Day 2016

Please remember that World Book Day 2016 is on Thursday 3rd March. On Thursday, Mrs Matthews will be ringing a bell throughout the day. Each time the bell goes off we will be picking up our books and reading until the bell sounds again! Then on Friday you should come to school dressed as your favourite character from a book. World Book Day

Growth Mindsets

P5 have been working on developing a growth mindset. The class were inspired by using pop music and evaluating the lyrics. They then decided to use their favourite song ‘The Climb’ to create a display to help remind them every time they enter the classroom about the need to be positive.