Primary 4 – The Egyptians

Primary 4 have spent the last term learning about the Egyptians. We have been learning all about how the Egyptians lived, different Egyptian Artifacts and Egyptian Pharaohs.

We particularly enjoyed learning about Mummification and how the Egyptians prepared the bodies before mummifying them. Some things were really interesting but a little disgusting, particularly how they would take the brain out!

We made our own mummies in class (although the process wasn’t as grueling!).

We used mod rock, Plasticine and paint to create fantastic replications of Egyptian Mummies!


P2 Space Topic

Primary 2 have been learning about space developing their math and technology skills.

The pupils have:

measured the distances of planets from the sun.

estimated and compared the size of planets using fruit.

They have designed and made their own rockets.

They have created space pictures using Microsoft paint.

Paired Reading

Primary 7 have paired up with a Primary 2 buddy and are enjoying opportunities to regularly read together.

P2 have been selecting their favourite books and P7 have been supporting them to read aloud with fluency and expression.




Both classes thoroughly enjoy their weekly opportunity to read together and have engaged fully in this cooperative experience.

P7 Outcamp

On Monday 11th April P7 went to camp but five of us never went to camp. We took part in St Andrew’s Outcamp.

On the Wednesday we went to Surgeons Hall Museum in Edinburgh with P5. We took a public bus. When we got there we met a girl called Anna who set up exciting workshops about our body . We did some activities but the  most  people did not like one of the activities, it was the disgusting! We had to learn about digestion and we made poo!


On the Thursday P7 went to a Harry Potter trip around Edinburgh .We met a girl called Liv. She took us around Edinburgh and we got wooden wands covered in pant. After that we went to Pizza Expess with Mrs Valentine it was so much Fun!

By Madison (P7)



What have we been doing in P5?

My name is Reece and I am going to share a little about my week in P5!

On Monday P5 had their last session of Rugby, it was really fun. P5 were working on remainders for maths.

On Tuesday P5 wrote a letter to Surgeons Hall Museum to say thank you for the amazing trip they went on and in maths the Pentagons learnt a new way to lay out their division sums.

On Wednesday P5 went outside for maths. They discovered how long the playground was by using tools to help them measure . Then they went outside again in the afternoon and had a scavenger hunt, they made a fish out of hay, sticks and leaves.

On Thursday P5 had Ukulele  with Mr. Mountain. They are learning two songs at the moment and are becoming more confident in switching chords. We also had dance with Mrs Smith.

I hope you enjoyed my account of P5.


By Reece (P5)