Poo did that?!!

Primary 5 had a visit from freelance artist Fiona to learn all about dog poo and the issues that arise from it. We went on a poo hunt around Gorebridge documenting the amount of dog poo left by owners. We also learned the consequences of not picking up after your dog. 

P4 and P5 Rugby Festival

Primary 4 and 5 had a great time on 24th February at the Rugby tournament which took place at King’s Park, Dalkeith.

All children participated really well and it was a great day with lots of fun had by all!


Morse Code Messages

Primary 5  received a mysterious letter in a “Top Secret” envelope. This letter was from Mr W Star asking primary 5 for their help in a secret investigation into RMS Titanic. However, before they were allowed to embark on this investigation they had to learn all about Morse Code on board the Titanic and decode the  secret messages from Mr W Star.

Secret Letter

Morse Code

Secret Morse Code Messages

What have we been doing in P5?

My name is Reece and I am going to share a little about my week in P5!

On Monday P5 had their last session of Rugby, it was really fun. P5 were working on remainders for maths.

On Tuesday P5 wrote a letter to Surgeons Hall Museum to say thank you for the amazing trip they went on and in maths the Pentagons learnt a new way to lay out their division sums.

On Wednesday P5 went outside for maths. They discovered how long the playground was by using tools to help them measure . Then they went outside again in the afternoon and had a scavenger hunt, they made a fish out of hay, sticks and leaves.

On Thursday P5 had Ukulele  with Mr. Mountain. They are learning two songs at the moment and are becoming more confident in switching chords. We also had dance with Mrs Smith.

I hope you enjoyed my account of P5.


By Reece (P5)

Choir Performance

On Friday the 11th of March St Andrew’s school choir performed at the Dean Tavern in Newtongrange. Miss Bryce who runs the Choir group attended the event with Mrs Matthews and Mrs McCallum. Mrs Matthews was very proud as our choir got a standing ovation! They sang True Colours , Punk Rocker  and 500 miles.

The following children are members of the choir: Emma Sroka P6, Aimee Swan P5, Caitlyn Murdoch P5, Caitlyn Macdonald P6, Josh Sessions P5, Demi Macdonald P7, Ella Annor P6 and Phoebe Macdonald (P7).

I spoke to Aimee Swan and she said: ‘ We got a massive applause it was so loud!’ A big thank you to Miss Bryce, the talented leader of the choir. She said: ‘The audience loved it so many people were standing up showing their appreciation for our singing’! We would also like to thank Jake Herriot for organising the event.


Picture to follow!



By Katie Allan (P6)

This Week in P5

On Monday P5 done carousel learning for maths. They were learning to add and subtract decimals.In ICT they went on Sumdog to help improve their maths.They had a test on Sumdog and everyone done really well!

On Wednesday  P5 done art with Mrs Valentine and the P2s they made Easter pictures, They looked really good.

On Thursday they had gymnastics with Mrs Campbell. They learned how to sequence gymnastics moves.

By Harrison, Aimee & Reece (P5)


Growth Mindsets

P5 have been working on developing a growth mindset. The class were inspired by using pop music and evaluating the lyrics. They then decided to use their favourite song ‘The Climb’ to create a display to help remind them every time they enter the classroom about the need to be positive.



Scottish Activities

This week the children at St Andrew’s Primary School have been preparing for their Burns Supper on Monday 25th January. Each class has been creating their own table centre piece and learning a range of Scottish poems, songs and dances. We will share more pictures after our Burns Supper but here is a sneak preview of some our Scottish Art Work and Centre Pieces.


IMG_0582 IMG_0581 IMG_0580 IMG_0579