Fundraising Fortnight

Fun  Friday was on the 13th of May, pupils were allowed to have fun outside instead of being inside all day. On fun Friday there was the been bag throw, army course, parachute, beat the goalie, jungle gym and scooter race. It was lots of fun!

Movie morning movie morning was on the 20th of May. On movie morning pupils got to choose a movie they would like. At the movie morning kids paid £1.00 to get in and brought money in to get food. The choices were hotdog at £1.00, popcorn at £0.50p or a juice for £0.20p. There will be another movie morning on the 10th June.

Dress in sporty clothes was on Tuesday the 17th of May. We all got to dress in comfy sporty clothes and done Zumba with Mrs Valentine.

Bingo was on Tuesday the 24th of May where adults and children came and played for a line or a full house, and won a prize if they called bingo and it wasn’t a bogie, there was also a cake and coffee sale.

Ladies night was on Wednesday the 18th of May. The ladies and P5, P6 and P7 girls were allowed to spend their money on anything they fancied.


We have now raised almost £2000 for our cycle path!


By Brogan Davidson and Caitlyn Macdonald