P6 Greatrex

P6 have been offered the chance of a lifetime, to perform at the new (opening soon) Corn Exchange museum in Dalkieth, that will feature John Greatrex and how he foraged money! (And almost got away with it).

When P6 were told (in the middle of assembly) they were shocked, surprised and of course exited to know that you were going to be watched by over 60 people at a time. They also knew that they would be perfect for the job since they are such show off’s!

The offer also came with a professional drama teacher called: Matt Dunn, who is amazing at his job. He is also a professional script writer. The of the performances will take place on the 11th and 12th of May. A dress rehearsal is also included on the 10th of May.

All the dates that are given are in the time line of 2016. P6 are to rehearse as much as possible. Greatrex is massive deal so we’d appreciate it if all parents/carers that have a P6 St. Andrew’s child within their household to show lots of support. The teacher of P6, Mrs Rice says it a fascinating story. On behalf of P6 we would like to say how excited we all are!


By Katie Allan & Talitha Nicholas