P7 Trip to the Risk Factory

Risk Factory Recount

L.I. To write a personal recount.
On Tuesday the seventeenth of November, primary seven went to the Risk Factory in Edinburgh next to the Corn Exchange. We went to enhance our knowledge of safety procedure. I am going to tell you about my experience.
On arrival, a fireman gave us a short presentation, which was an overview on what was going to happen throughout the day. We were split into three groups and we all started travelling in different directions. A man called Bill, who was a member of staff, took us to a room which was painted like a farm. He gave each of us one caution sign to pin on the wall, He told us to recognise the unsafe events happening around the environment painted on the walls. We displayed them and he told us to explain what was dangerous. I put up one next to a tractor with steep steps and said the farmer climbing it could slip.
My favourite scenario was the fire. Bill told us to go into a house and wait. We went in and he shut the door. There was a fake candle next to a curtain and Dan said “I bet that will catch fire”. Sure enough within a couple of seconds it did. We all stood still for a moment, not knowing what to do. I shouted “Open the Door! Phoebe! Get the wheelchair!” Then I grabbed the old lady with the broken ankle, threw her over my shoulder and raced out. We called the Fire Brigade and a fireman came. He put out the fire and told us what we did wrong. He said we didn’t get out in time and in a real fire we would have died. I took what he said on board and now I know what to do.
The Risk Factory was an engaging experience involving us in all the dangers that might occur. It expanded my safety knowledge, and was fun for the whole class. I would recommend it to the primary six’s. This concludes my recount.


Euan Guthrie P7


Children In Need

A big thank you to all who have participated and organised this weeks activities. Today children came to school dressed as superheroes  for our bake sale and    coIMG_0360in race. The total raised for Children in Need was a massive £570.55.


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